Once you select the modules on Module Subscription page, and make payment, you will get an email with Install Key and a tutorial to install the app. Simply follow the step-by-step instructions to install the App. It is very simple!
Yes, you should have Admin rights on the system where you are installing this solution, else you might not be able to install the App.
You can uninstall by going to Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel of the system. Please note once you uninstall, you will stop seeing any data in the dashboard.
You don’t need any specific training to operate the system as the system runs on its own.
  1. To install, you just need to download and install app using the wizard (as for any other app). As part of install process, you just need to add camera paths in the wizard screen and you are good to go! A detailed step-by-step install guide will be provided to help you through the process.
  2. The data would start showing on the dashboard once the app is installed.
Our dashboards are fairly user friendly and easy to use.


EnalytixTM is camera agnostic and can process a video feed regardless of the camera type, provided the IP cameras and analogue CCTV DVRs support RTSP. You can confirm with your CCTV vendor if your CCTV system supports RTSP.
It supports processing .AVI, .MKV, .MPEG4, .MOV, .WMV, .DVR, .ASF, .RT4, .DIVX, .264, .H264, .H265, .GE5, .TS, .3GP, .XBA (single & multi-stream), .MP4, and .FLV video formats as long as it gets a live feed from the cameras.
Yes the solution works on PTZ Camera as well.
A frame rate of 25-30 FPS is optimal for face/mask detection. For other modules, a frame rate of >10 FPS would suffice.
Solution can currently be installed on Windows 10 or higher. We will soon come up with the Linux complaint version.
No, our solution does not require you to use any other VMS or 3rd party system. Please look at the Pre-Requisites to understand what exactly we need.
Yes, the platform works on Edge, and supports on-premise architecture.
No, it is not mandatory. Our solution uses internationally reputed architecture to process the feeds on regular desktop computers itself.


Yes, as we process the videos at the edge, we do not take out the video footage from your premises. Only anonymised data goes to the cloud.
Also, your data reports are only visible to you via your dashboard and are never shared with any other entity.
EnalytixTM uses SSL encrypted pages and regularly performs code reviews. We perform penetration testing using industry standard 3rd party tools.
We store all data in one of the most secure and protected cloud services – AWS, having ISO/IEC compliance certification. All data is encrypted with AES 256. This is the same top-level encryption used by the NASA and US government right now.
The data is encrypted in transit using the SSL-128 bit encryption.
Currently, we keep the data related to paid accounts for three months. If you need us to store/retrieve the data for longer time period, additional charges may apply.
Data on the dashboard will be available for up to 3-Months in the past from the current date. We recommend that you regularly export the data from the dashboard and keep it for your future records.
We only keep data for 3-months. We recommend that you export the data. We recommend that you regularly export the data from the dashboard and keep it for your future records.
We remove all data which is more than 3-Months old.
It has an accuracy rate of 95% subject to camera positioning and lighting conditions.
Reach out to our support desk at support@enalytix.com. We will respond within 2-3 working days.
No, we do not save or record any Video footage in our system. All video footages would be available only on your own DVR/NVR/IP Camera/VMS system and those are completely independent of our system.
Your dashboard login credentials will be sent to you on your registered email ID, after you install and set-up the EnalytixTM app successfully. Ensure you save these credentials for future logins.
Reach out to our Support desk at support@enalytix.com, and we will reset your password.
Please write to us at support@enalytix.com, We will update it from backend .


You can choose between monthly or annual plan. Refer to the Pricing page for details. You get 7 days free trial when you subscribe.
No, you do not need a new license in this case. You would need to re-run the Installation wizard on the new PC. You can just use the email which was received at the time of subscription and run the Installation wizard again.
In this case you would need to renew your subscription. You can do that from the dashboard page or from the website (www.enalytix.com).
You can modify your subscription from the Camera Control Panel screen on your dashboard.
  • For adding new modules to existing cameras, choose the module from the grid that you want to add.
  • For addition, additional camera, click the Add Camera button on top right.
You can modify your subscription from the Camera Control Panel screen on your dashboard.
Select the Annual option for the Subscription plan.
You can end your subscription from the Camera Control Panel screen on your dashboard.
Click the End Subscription button at top right. You will get an email confirming the suspension of your subscription, and your license key will be deactivated.
No, you will only be charged from the day when 7-day Trial period ends.
You can request for cancellation of your subscription at any time.
Cancellations will only come into effect at the end of your billing cycle. Refunds are not provided for cancellations.
They are safe. We don’t collect credit card details but use the trusted 3rd party Payments Gateway -PayUMoney.
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